busy day

Some 50 items I had to process. It matches almost one event result.

I can do it on Saturday only, or on Sunday or holidays. So the shop orders rushing this week and I had to cope them today. Now it is almost finished so I can manage the time to upload some stuff.

I purchased the speaker of the PC so now I can listen to the music while working. The recent favorite is classic and I have some requiems only. But it helps to work harder. It calms my heart and I can process the working smoothly.

This month-end the event is waiting and now I am receiving some orders. I hope it will increase more and more. Nobody knows the result. So it goes.
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the plier evangelion model

Currently my part time job requires to remove the staplers. I use the remover for the purpose but it cuts from time to time and leaves the thin wire inside the paper. In such case I use the plier to remove it. My father left me some equipments and I found one from them but it was not so useful because I think it was designed to treat the thicker wires so that when I close the mouth of the plier there still remains the space and could not catch the thin wire very well.

I looked for the new one and found the evangelion model.
It features the model one color. They also supplies the model zero (yellow) and model two (red) but I love the model one color. It seems a gadget. Please refer in precise:

I can enjoy myself just leaving it in front of me at the desktop.
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two events a day

I joined two events and now on the way back home at the train.

The first one is at the BigSight Aomi halls. I reached the hall some 10 minutes before the opening. They managed the queue quite good and I could get into the hall only 8 minutes. I rounded the circles and some 4 or 5 circles the seller left the seat and nobody there. One circle they did not join and the booth was empty. I knew they would be late by the twitter. So I left them and checked the list to come back later.

It took about 30 minutes and I moved to the next event which was held at the BigSight. One stop by the Rinkai line which cost @240. It is almost the twice of the JR fee.

At the event I visited only one booth. I worried if they sold out their goods but fortunately they had plenty of the stock which I wanted. I purchased them and left the event.

I moved to the previous event halls on hoot. It took about 20 minutes. If I can save @240 it is cheap and no problem.

Still one circle did not joined. I checked their twitter and they tweeted they would come to the hall about an hour after. I can not understand what they think. It is the manner to join the event from the opening. They announced in advance they would be late. Personally I do not want to be friends with such kind of people.

So I left the event hall not waiting for their coming.

A hot coffee which I will take when I come back home.
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terminator new fate

Amazing! What I was waiting for.

I went to the theatre yesterday with my friends. He got a quite good position ticket for us. We enjoyed two hours and a half which seemed a second. Still the story had a good tempo, action scenes and quiet one which makes us to be catch the breath.

Incredible that Linda Hamilton of 63 years old and Arnold Schwarzenegger of 62 years old did not seem their age but showed the most thrilling shots, of course using the stunts, but they used it quite good so that we can believe as if they act it by themselves.

I have no words to explain more so I stop it.

I was impressed most of the audiences kept their seats until the end roll finished. I felt they loved the films very much.
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the terminator - new fate

I will go to the theatre on Saturday with the friends who made a joyride on last Saturday. I am looking for it very much.

My most favorite actress : they are
- Linda HAMILTON (Terminator 2)
- Sigourney WEAVER (Alien 2)
- Sean YOUNG (Blade Runner)

My doctor asked me if I loved the fighting women. I replied I loved them to see on the screen but to decline to be a friend.

Maybe I love anime, which features many fighting girls who make my favorite to such tendency.
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As I mention it several times, I have been a long depression season and recently I have a feeling of entering a maniac episode day by day. My case it is clear that I spend money to which is not necessary at all. In fact from the last month the expense is increasing.

At this moment all of them are not the one which is not necessary but exchanging the electric oven which my mother broke in operation mistake, or some Kindle titles which I want to read, or carton boxes to delivery the merchandise, which are in fact necessary. The problem is increasing the purchasing lot. I ordered the cushion envelope of the B5 size 250e, which the shop can supply in the minimum one. But I will use them for at least several years. I also purchased the plastic bag to rap the books 500e. which I can use it until I close the shop in the future.

Today I bought three Kindle books and one heat proof glass plate with the cap. It will help the cooking not make the electric oven inside dirty but not absolutely necessary. I can clear it by the cloth with the abluent after the cooking every time.

I have to take care of unnecessary expense more and more.
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No work to do today.

The wastepaper called this morning so I put the newspaper bag, chip carton and a few fig carton. They left one toilet roll paper. I expected two but it was not fulfilled. So it goes.

Almost whole the day I spent the time to play the Mine Sweeper. It is one of my most favorite game to play by the PC. I feature to play without putting the flag, i.e. playing to use the right button of the mouse. For me it is now quite normal to play but I know it is not a very normal way. Because it is clear to play the daily challenge of the tap game. It forbids to use the flag, the mouse left button but for me it is too easy to clear for I always not use the left button. But the play standard must set those for using the left button so it seems quite difficult for the general players.

I can remember the time when I challenged it, not to use the left button very clear. It was some kind of dizzy experience to play. But I used it very easy and now it is normal for me.

The Mine Sweeper is a classic game now a days but I never give up it.
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AMAZON Kindle special sale

now they passes the 文春新書 50% points. I purchased 5 titles today. Maybe more. I can hardly read the novels so i/o I read the 新書 usually. I bought Kindle last November so it is the first anniversary of the Kindle. While the time I download 57 titles. Almost one title per week. Hmm. My model can carry about 200 titles if they do not include comics. Now some 10 titles are the comics so it must squeeze the free area.

I do not like to store the stuff at cloud because I can not read them outside. It is technically possible to download anywhere but in the case I have to use the carrier of the mobile which traffic is limited. Of course the home carrier the traffic is out of the limit. So I want to keep all the stuff at the local terminal.

Maybe some stuff can be contained into the Fire 8 tablet. But it helps quite little.

So until I leave home to the evening drinking I will visit Amazon again and look for interesting titles if any.
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joyride on Saturday

Suddenly I am free for a few weeks from the private affair and I proposed to make a party in the week end, not a Halloween but just drinking.

Last time it was on August and I was drunkard completely. This time I have to take care but I know it is completely impossible.
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event : yesterday

I joined an event yesterday.

It was music items event. I like it very much for it is not very crowded, the pass is enough wide and very few circles make queue.

I arrived at the hall about 30 minutes before the opening. There was about 800 people waiting for the opening but it was half of the total because they held the event at two halls side by side. One hall features two floors and the other one is one floor, wider than the other halls total area.

I usual start from the second floor of the narrow hall, sequentially visiting the circles and move to the first floor.

After that I move to the wide hall. This time they changed the coming in route. We moved to the back of the hall, walked up the slope to the event floor, and joined the event from the back door of the hall.

Usually I meet two friends who are the stuff of the event but this time I could not find them. I do not know the reason why they did not reside the usual place. Maybe they moved to the different area, or simply declined the stuff. A little sad.

The result was not very bad. More than 80% I could get the titles. So generally it was a good day yesterday.

After coming back home I fixed all the procedures to be done. Scanning the face of the CD, checked the CD with the visiting list, making the list by customers and report the result with the postage estimation. All the customers replied soon with the method of transport. So I packed them to send on Friday, Nov. 1 when I did not work the part timer and could carry them to the post office before they closed.

It was some work and exhausted. But still I am happy to join that event. It will come again next spring. I look forward it from now.
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AZUMA Hideo passed


One of my favorite comic artist passed (by esophageal cancer) on 13th.

I have joined an event as my circle with his side by side. He gave me his doujinshi and declined to receive mine because it was heavy (in fact very thin one it was). I remember it, dusting them off for a long time.
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Missed delivery

Not mine but my receipt item.

Today I opened some 10 or more packages arriving from last Sunday. I found one title which did not a record of order. I checked the data in the past but could not find any relational correspondences. At last I checked my BOOTH (https://booth.pm) record. I can check the order history there. I knew the title was sent from there. I found one title sent already but not received yet. I visit the title's circle page and found they treated both titles, I ordered and I received.

I sent them a message that they missed the delivery item so send the correct title, and that I decided to accept the missed title too (for my personal purpose). They can lesson the workload to receive the missed title.

Now I am waiting for the reply from them.続きを読む
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the pc speaker

I used the one attached to the display for more one year, which sound should be quite poor. But I was not interested in sounds very much so I left the condition.

Recently the interest to the sounds raised again and I checked the www pages. I had a stereo audio set with 8 inch speakers but the pri-main amplifier of more than 30 years old died last year. After that my life became without sounds, just a few months later I purchased a new display which featured a poor speaker. I have been getting along with it but now I want a better one.

The budget is so limited that I can not afford the amplifier again. So I checked the active speakers which does not need the amplifier. About 20K or 30K budget there were some items. From that I picked JBL BAR2.0 All-in-One Sound BAR black. It features under the display and connects with HDMI, digital or analog cable. The item intended to connect with the TV and the PC was not the primary target and it bundled the HDMI cable only. I had to purchase the digital cable separately.

After connected and the system reports the connection succeeded but no sounds coming from the speaker. No operation manuals attached so I checked it at the www pages. No hits but the same company's other model, which indicated one button to change the input source. That's it. When I tried it the sound came.

Now my pc life is much better. Just before going to bed I spend a few minutes with the music which makes my sleep much better. I am happy to purchase it.

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an only event - finished

I am on the way back home from an only event. I rounded three circles with four titles. The expense is JPY 1,700. So it goes. Business is business.

This week end is still busy. I fixed some 15 titles bought from the shops yesterday. I made six packages, and three more until tomorrow.

I still feel sleepy which is strange. I slept enough last night. But in fact I watched the anime Gunbuster on the Friday night after the meal and went to bed at 1:00 am. I think it caused this. repent.
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waiting for an event opening

I am making a queue of an event opening soon. It is a small hall which can contain about 500 people. Now almost three of four are full. I will visit only one circle and leave the hall soon. After that I try the other one which I failed to get the pre-enter ticket this morning. I do not know if I can purchase anything after the pre-ticket holders purchased the items. I can only try.

I will join the other one tomorrow. Oh, I have to withdraw some cash from the bank. Where is the ATM nearby?
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cancelled event

I planed to join an event today.

This morning I woke up and read the mails, one of which indicate to cancel to join. This time the customer was only one so I did not have to join the event then.

So instead I worked with the doujinshi which I had to do yesterday and could not achieve. It is lucky not to go out but can fix the works. I made some six packages which to be post. I updated the event schedule calendar by end of November and reported to the customers.

Still I have enough time so I could read the thin titles which I purchased at the summer event after almost one month. All of them I enjoyed a lot. I played MineSweeper a lot too.

Now it starts to rain. The typhoon is approaching and it strikes my area in this night. I hope this old house can resist the hard wind and rain coming soon. The house is almost 50 years old and wounded here and there.
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Recently too many. In a week four ... unbelievable. On Sunday no. 15 courses to Kanto area and I am in a serious trouble.
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So that at last I can take a short rest now.

Since the last big summer event I did not take the week end holidays but throughout working with the doujinshi, checking with the list and real items, modifying the incorrect list to suit to the real items, packing, taking them to the post office, debit to the customers, and collecting.

Today I made 8 packages and I could catch-up the working to do so far. From now on the new requests and replies will come to make me back to work. So it goes.
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starting the part timer again

About 10 days I did not go to work so I completely forget what I was ding at the last day. The colleague indicated it and I could remember one by one. How poor memory I have. So easily forget I everything from time to time.

I train myself and try to memorize the family name of the neighbors. About a week I could achieve some 16 names. They share the same alley and facing to it. One way on the way to the bus stop and the other to the post office. Nearby the post office I have a friend and additional three names around the site.

But recently it is a little too difficult because the road I use is quite limited. It would be better find the other object to memorize now.
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end of sorting the result

So that at last I finished the sorting of the result of the last event now. Reporting the final result to the customers with the estimated transfer fee.

I do not have a tool and I had to send all one by one manually. I will develop this part in near future.

Now I have a tool to send the mail from the ACCESS VBA directly which helps the operation drastically.

For the time being, I have a short rest this evening and will start to packing from tomorrow.
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sorting the result of the last event

Now I finished by the items on 11th and will start to do the last day's works tomorrow.

Today I have an appointment of the clinic and have to receive some items at several shops. And I have to go to the other hospital to receive a letter to the doc. of the clinic. At last at the supermarket to purchase foods. It must take whole the day.

Fortunately the typhoon does not effect drastically at my site now. Maybe no umbrella necessary to move one site to the other.
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summer event passed

It was tough days from Friday to Monday. Especially Sunday was the worst. So many requests rushing and the number of the buyers were limited.

I rounded more than 70 circles at the day. The baggage weight must be more than 20 kg. I have a knee-ache and using knee-caps so usually no problem but at that moment unless using the knee caps it ached. I was afraid if it continued after but fortunately it stopped in the night, sleeping.

The last day was almost cinder myself. I automatically rounded the circles one by one and finished the route.

The record says we visited about 370 circles in four days with four people in total. Not whole days but only three at the first and second and the last day. The third day we were two.

Now I am sorting the results at home. It will take some 4 or 5 days. Today I finished 80 circles of the first day. It continues until the end.
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one day to the summer event

I have been quite busy to process the requests. This time they open 4 days. I do not know it related to but in fact the requests are more than the last time.

Near to the half of them centered to the 3rd day. It is usual.

The typhoon is coming and the last days will be something. I cross the fingers so that it will not come to the area.
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too late

Today I woke up at noon. Unbelievable, I went to bed at 9:30 pm last night. I slept more than 15 hours.

So today was very short to the evening. Of course it is. I was sleeping half of the day in the morning.

While the time I prepared the visiting list of the event coming from Friday. I passed the appointment of the doctor on the day so I will see him four weeks after from on July 26. He wrote the directions for four weeks. Usually it is two weeks. I wonder if he really think I need to meet him or not recently. In fact the medicine works well and my mental is healthy.

To add above, I woke up at 10:00 am on Saturday. In fact the Friday evening was waking up by 10:00 pm but I also slept 12 hours that night. They are really too long. Something is wrong but I can not get the reason.
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seven days to the summer event

While I do not receive the visiting requests very much, sob. Anyway they will increase drastically to the event. I am a little afraid that I can process the data timely, for I can not manage the time to do. Just only week ends I can do it so from Monday to Thursday I wonder how to cope it. Maybe some time squeezing to lesson the cooking and making blog (the other one than this).

I will start to sort the request already coming from today. Currently the volume is small so it will not take so long time. In fact the most time consuming works is to check the data if they are the correct one.

Last month I received some requests of an only event but when I checked the contents I found it was the same genre and same date event but held at Kobe not in Tokyo area. I asked the customer if he dare to be charged some JPY 20,000 traveling and he declined.

About the summer and winter event the requests contains some old events data from time to time. So I have to check all lines if they are really the one of the event coming next week. It is some work. So it goes.
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summer season

The rainy season passed and now it is summer.

The last night I woke up at 2:30 am and after that I could not sleep well. In fact I could do for a few hours but I did not notice it but keep waking up. When I noticed around bright and I understood I could slept again. I woke up at 4:55 am which happens from time to time, especially when I did not drink booze enough.

Because the day before yesterday I drunk a little too much which caused a hair of the dog that byte me yesterday. So I took care not drink too much last night. Then I can not sleep whole night. So it goes.

It will be hot today too. While I will be working at the office where air condition is perfect so no problem for me.
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unable to get asleep

I think I missed to get a medicine last night which caused this case.

It took more than a hour to get asleep and woke up at 0:30 am. After that I was in bed trying to sleep again but could not. I woke up at 3:40 am.

I hope I can sleep well tonight.

I had same experience several times in the past so I am used to it now. So it goes.
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an event report

Yesterday I joined one event.

The weather was slightly rainy that I did not use an umbrella. In fact I carried it but did not use to the end. After coming back home the rain became strong. I was lucky.

The waiting queue located under the arcade so no problem if it rained hard. I reached the queue about 15 minutes before the event open. But I could enter the hall only 8 minutes. I visited some 25 circles which consumed 30 minutes only. Their location was quite concentrated so I did not move very long. Two circles did not join. They must miss to finish the works to the event. I could achieve almost 90% of the request. Nether long queue nor empty circles leaving to purchase the items.

I left the event about 45 minutes after opening. After coming back home I weighed the items which showed some 4,200 g.

Maybe it is only the event I join on this month. We have two more week ends but I do not expect the new offer until the next month, the summer event.
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rainy season

It is raining.

Currently no sound environment at my working site, the rain sounds is the best BGM for consuming the boring afternoon.

The weather forecast says this rainy season around the west area in Japan it might be a quite hard rain which continues a few days or more. It reminds me the last year the same season the disaster occurred by the hard rain called "2018 Japan floods". It happens when the sunspot cycle is now the minimum period which causes the small glacial epoch. The record says it happened three times since 1650 A.D. to 1850 A.D. Now it will come the 4th little ice age.

On the other hand the Earth is becoming warm because of increasing the greenhouse gases year by year. In fact the average temperature is increasing since middle of 20th century.

What will come to the Earth in near future? I can not foresee. Also it is clear I can not see what is happening then. The time is limited.
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an old memory about the companies combination

It is an old story which memo here to remind my memory.

There was a company called Fairchild semiconductor (1957 - 2016) and Honeywell (1906- ) both concerned the computer and related supplies. Once upon a time they tried to combine, the news reported. At last they declined the idea and the On Semiconductor merged the Fairchild semiconductor in 2016. At the time of the Honeywell, they wrote the new company name after merged would be the Farewell Honeychild.

I found a page treating as a joke.

So it was not a news but a bad joke. hmm ...
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one event joined on June

I joined an event yesterday, which was only the one on this month. In fact there remains one more Sunday I do not have a feeling that I will receive the request without any account.

I reached the site about 30 minutes before opening so there already made a long queue to join the event. Each queue arraied with 8 men. And after me they came some more. There were about four long queue and my position was at the fifth queue, maybe the on of the five from the front line. When the sixth queue grows to my position they opened the event. It took about 12 minutes to enter the hall.

Yesterday I was lucky. I rounded some 20 circles and achieved about 90%. No circles absent and/or forbid to display. 2 circles they sold out all the items. One circle allocation was gate side so I went to there at the last. They still had a stock and the queue was already cleared completely so I could get the title without any waiting. The next booth there remained a long queue.

I stayed there about 50 minutes. I was happy to get a good result. And while the weather forecast said it might some rain but in fact it did not. I brought umbrella but I did not have to use it.

I knew the other genre which I was interested in but I forgot it at that moment and went back. If I remember it I must visit there. But this time they located the other floor so I could not notice it.

Currently the next event will come on 14th on the next month.
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lie ... woke up on 11:30

Because last night I went to bed around 23:30 drankard, after watching the TV program of the singer TAKAHASHI Mariko. I love her songs next to NAKAJIMA Miyuki. Usually I go to bed around 21:30 so it was quite late for me. As the result I slept over too long. When I opened the eyes the half of the day passed.

Afternoon, drinking coffee, I worked the doujinshi sorting. Scanning the faces, updating the database and put them into the stock pile. One stock became full so I packed them and prepared to post on next Friday. In fact there remains one more stock but I was so exhausting that I postponed it to the next Saturday, hehehe.

Now after 18:00. Moveing to prepare the dinner and I have to go to bed on time.
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cajun spice

I love the cajun spice very much.

I bought it last week via the mail order.

Cooking with holy trinity and sausage, without any additives, frying them in a little olive oil. When the onion slice becomes clear color put the spice and fry a little more with a little lower temperature. finished.

I separate them into two dishes. One for the dinner and the other for tomorrow's.

Tonight I taste it again, and again. And again.
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cancelling the event tomorrow

One customer announced me to join an event tomorrow for a few weeks ago so I scheduled it and waited the visiting list. It came yesterday which had some lack of the circle name so I checked it according to the url featured. And I found the list was the one to be opened at Kobe where is a little far from my site.

In fact the same genre event scheduled in my site area so I believed he indicated it but it was not. So I replied if he could owe the traveling which was a little more expensive than the usual. He declined it so I would be free tomorrow. So it goes.
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nomijoshi #6

Currently my most favorite title features the latest issue, which I got today, wow!

I will bring it to the part timer office tomorrow and consume the lunch time, hehehe.
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event today

I joined an event and now came back home. The result is very good and I lost only one circle, total 16, not very hard. Still the event hall was crowded very much and hot and muggy. The air conditioner does not work enough and they feature some big cold blasters here and there. Only the place of the blow off the cold wind was a little better.

The weather forecast says today would be the hottest day in this year. Fortunately my place is not so hot as the other places making records.

I stayed there about 40 minutes and left the hall.

It took about 15 minutes to the JR station on foot. On the way back to the station they made the other event "while not autumn the harvest festival" , chuckle. They closed the road and bar the cars and feature many tents each one shows the local items not only domestic but foreign countries. I saw the booth tent from Serbia and ... forget the other one. The Serbian booth showed the wine and the ajvar. Now I checked it at the www and am interested in it. I may purchase one in near future. This time I bought dried-shiitake (mushroom) instead.

Something wrong. I was writing about the doujinshi event but it deeply straied, hehehe.
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Now updating from the note PC. No information at the electric company. It is the second time today, the first time it retrieved only a few minutes but this time it started on 14:24 and after 20 minutes not recovered. I wonder if they can fix it by the evening.

Now they announce at the www page they recognized about 1,400 sites shutdown. The bamboo tree touched the power line which caused this case. They hope to recover around 16:00. It must take longer, sigh.

Please be advised the shutdown terminated on 15:25, much earlier than their estimation. Thank you very much, the Tokyo Electric.
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diy - the printer pedestal

Yesterday afternoon I thought of making the pedestal to the printer. In fact it has already but a little inconvenience.
IMG_1318.JPGIt is originally the hand-made scanner cover. To feed the paper from the front slit it is necessary to pass the paper under the printer. Unfortunately the width of the box a little narrow and the paper is hardly feeding smoothly.

I went to the diy shop and purchased some pipes and connecting items. The trade name is "erector". It is very easy to connect the pipes like LEGO block. The glue fixes the shape cleaving together. Only 30 minutes working:
IMG_1325.JPGUnfortunately the width is slightly narrow but it can hold the printer. The wide space makes it easier to handle the paper under the printer.

So I could use the pre-pedestal to the original purpose.IMG_1326.JPG
Very happy to retrieve the original style.
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sorting the events on 28 & 29 (4 events!)

I am now sorting the events I joined on Apr. 28 & 29, four events. It was some work to join two events a day two days continuously. I purchase some 190 titles and some titles two or more copies. I leased a small car on 28th evening to 29th evening to cope the big volume items.

Fortunately on 29th the first event started on 10:30 and the second one on 12:00 so I could achieve more results than I expected in the beginning. I reached the second event hall on 12:45 so not so many titles were sold out.

In the following I scanned all the faces of the items and allocated each titles to appropriate customers which took two nights. Now I am packing them to post on May 10, when I can bring to the post office (before that from 7th to 9th I have to work as a part timer and come back home after the post office closes). I am now calculating the postage amount which is so expensive that I am afraid if I can keep my life until the debit become the cash on end of June.

I made four packages each contains some 20 to 40 titles and am exhausted completely. And there remains one more big package in the afternoon, sigh. So, drinking chai tea, I will start the work of the following from now.

Tomorrow I will join the other one and on Sunday one more. Then the schedule all consumed. The long run continues for the time being.
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the last day in Heisei

So the Japanese emperor retires today and the age of Heisei ends. From tomorrow the new age Reiwa starts. Currently the country which uses the name of an era is Japan only. I think it is not very bad to keep the custom and no reason to stop it. As far as the continuator exists it will be combined with him.

Except it it is an usual day as before and I will start the daily work from now with sipping a hot coffee.

Good bye Heisei and Reiwa welcome.
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a small event

I joined a small event today.

It is a novelty selling of a pro writer held by a publisher. The attendants are maybe only some hundred. They distribute the ticket featuring the lottery number which indicates the entering time (30 minutes only) from 12:00 to 14:30.

I was lucky. I could enter the hall at 12:30 (the second group) and could get all the items requested. One title is reserve order and I have to come to the hall one week after again with the novelties which are not free of charge and the stock is limited. I have to get there again. I am optimistic to get the novelties without any cause, hehehe.

So this is the first occasion which will be rushing from tomorrow to May 6 events. From tomorrow I already have three events offers and expecting two or three more.

During the time our country takes 10 days continuous holidays which we have never experiences before because of the abdication of the current
Ten'nou the emperor and accession of the new, the new gengou is already decided "REIWA". Now our country is only one which uses the gengou other than the Christian Era, Arabian and/or other era.
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M$ Access - can not create QUERY

Currently the system does not work normally, i.e. it can not create new queries of the M$ Access. When I click the new query design it shows the screen but at the point the job freezes and declines any input, click, ESC or other keys. I can only start the task mgr. and stop the Access job.

It can edit the existing query. No other troubles but it is critical that I can not create new queries.

I tried to repair the Access by the CD. It did not work.

I deleted the Access. Then started the regedit and searched the word "access" and deleted the entry M$ Office Access and it's sub entries. Then re-installed the Access. It did not work.

Now I have to re-install the Windows. It takes almost two nights so I plan to do it at this golden week 10 days holidays term.

I will purchase the new SSD which price is now drastically cheap. I consider which way to take, price or capacity. The cheap A-Data and expensive Trascend volume difference is almost twice. As my experience current 64GB volume is enough. But A-Data 120 GB prices only JPY 2,580. Unbelievable.

I have to decide but currently the depression prevents it. so it goes.
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Hanami (watching cherry blossom)

Yesterday I went to watch the cherry blossom with two of my friends.IMG_1057.JPGIt is a country-side, not very popular but known by the local people only. It took about 40 minutes from my home JR station to their station and about 20 minutes on foot.

It is a long way and middle of the road there is a small brook from the filtration so the water is quite clean and clear, though the they attention not to drink. Both sides feature a lot of cherry trees and maybe about less than half blossoms opened at that moment. But it was enough beautiful.

We walked along the brook, watching various flowers and some fishes, taking photo and talked the recent events each other. One is a quiet and the other likes to talk. I was talking with the later one mainly. Sometimes the former talked a short and strong word into our conversation.IMG_1077.JPG

At the end of the road there is a food plant which features a booth where we can enjoy the food they produce, one are fresh dishes and the others are box lunches. We ate a little shaomai and bought one shaomai box with 15 pieces in it. On the way back we opened the leisure sheet and sit on it. Opening the box and drunk a can of beer. It was a great experience. Some other parties opened the sheets too.

The weather was clouded but no rain, sometimes a slight sunlight came. It was some day yesterday.

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part timer / a strange meeting room at 7th floor

Currently I work in the meeting room at the 7th floor of the building. Usually I work at 2nd floor.

It is very strange that working at the meeting room I leak and blow frequently. At the 2nd floor I do not feel it at all.

I can not understand what is happening there. I have to work for more few days and I am not willing to do.
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Week ends depressive oversleep

Waking up on 10:30 am today, same as the last week. By the bye the last Monday was holiday and I woke up on 11:30. It is too late and I was unhappy because it consumed almost half a day, a precious holiday, I was sleeping and could not did anything.

On working days or any other days I go to bed before 22:00 and wake up at 6:30 which seems enough llong sleeping time but current depressive condition requires more time to sleep. And I can not do anything self-motivated in the morning, except the work jobs. So now I am at home and sitting, facing to the PC . I know I have to do the several works but can not start it but playing games only. At last I bored the game and can not do anything.

Maybe some hours later I hope I can do something but now it is not the time to work. sigh.
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web page download by VBA

I need some currency's exchange rate for the business purpose.

I wrote a program by Perl and accessed the bank page and download it, and after that Excel & ACCESS VBA checked the page and picked up the rate valeur of some currencies, USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUG and HKD, which my customers use in their ordinary life.

Recently the program returned the same valeur every time so I checked the download page. The contents showed "301 Moved Permanently". So I checked the page and found it was moved from the ordinary environment to the SSL protected area, which url was changed from "http" to "https".

Using Perl and access the SSL area I have to download additional module and change a log of codes. Now I forget Perl and not have a drive to lean it again.

So I checked if it was possible to access www by the VBA. The component "Microsoft HTML Object Library" could make it possible. The site I referred showed a simple sample codes and only 30 minutes I could get the bank page into the local file.

This week end I can enjoy the holidays for no event requests and I could develop the new program. It is something and am happy very much.
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no selection

About the lost vitamin package I discussed with the shop and they refund the amount. So I tried again to purchase the items. After fulling the cart I moved to payment screen where billing address country drop down which did not feature Japan. Unbelievable.

I contacted the shop and asked to put Japan into the drop down.
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lost mail order

Last month I placed order of the vitamin and some others. Because of the delivery addressee problem I asked one of my customer in the US to receive and pass me. He agreed it and I placed order with the addressee of him. But he did not receive it because the address was old one. He moved and my record did not show it.

Now I asked the shop if it is possible to refund and re-order them to the correct one..

The first day of the year starts with the back lack.
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image scanner facing to fault

Recently when scanning the book face it sounds an offensive or fricative.

The help desk rep. said put the equipment at the cool place where no direct sunshine. Unfortunately the working place does not alone to re-arrange the machines. And it must be left side of myself to treat the one smoothly.

He recommended to bring it to the service centre to check but this season it is only possible after the new month.

And from the new year 1st the machine must work fully.

I told him that I will work it until it goes out of order and if so I will purchase a new one. No other way.

So it goes.
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toto bag by good fortune

I mentioned the bag before that I lost it in the bus and it came back.

In fact I lot it three times and it came back three times.

The first time it was the bus affair.

The second time I left it at the Soba standing restaurant under the table rack. I noticed it about 30 minutes after and came back the shop and it was there just I left as it was.

And the third time I left it at the train going to the part time. The line moves quite a long distance. I noticed it just after passing the station gate and asked the representative how to find it. He replied all the lost items information sent to the lost-item-station so I could refer it after some hours and gave me the telephone number.

I called up there in the evening just before it closed. And I asked if they have the one. At last they told me they kept it at the terminal station of the other end from my station. If I go there I can get it, while I have to pay the train fee which is almost JPY 1,000 go and another 1,000 back.

But I could retrieve it with the cost.

Now I keep watching the bag and never leave it from my hand when I am out with it.
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