Now updating from the note PC. No information at the electric company. It is the second time today, the first time it retrieved only a few minutes but this time it started on 14:24 and after 20 minutes not recovered. I wonder if they can fix it by the evening.

Now they announce at the www page they recognized about 1,400 sites shutdown. The bamboo tree touched the power line which caused this case. They hope to recover around 16:00. It must take longer, sigh.

Please be advised the shutdown terminated on 15:25, much earlier than their estimation. Thank you very much, the Tokyo Electric.
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diy - the printer pedestal

Yesterday afternoon I thought of making the pedestal to the printer. In fact it has already but a little inconvenience.
IMG_1318.JPGIt is originally the hand-made scanner cover. To feed the paper from the front slit it is necessary to pass the paper under the printer. Unfortunately the width of the box a little narrow and the paper is hardly feeding smoothly.

I went to the diy shop and purchased some pipes and connecting items. The trade name is "erector". It is very easy to connect the pipes like LEGO block. The glue fixes the shape cleaving together. Only 30 minutes working:
IMG_1325.JPGUnfortunately the width is slightly narrow but it can hold the printer. The wide space makes it easier to handle the paper under the printer.

So I could use the pre-pedestal to the original purpose.IMG_1326.JPG
Very happy to retrieve the original style.
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sorting the events on 28 & 29 (4 events!)

I am now sorting the events I joined on Apr. 28 & 29, four events. It was some work to join two events a day two days continuously. I purchase some 190 titles and some titles two or more copies. I leased a small car on 28th evening to 29th evening to cope the big volume items.

Fortunately on 29th the first event started on 10:30 and the second one on 12:00 so I could achieve more results than I expected in the beginning. I reached the second event hall on 12:45 so not so many titles were sold out.

In the following I scanned all the faces of the items and allocated each titles to appropriate customers which took two nights. Now I am packing them to post on May 10, when I can bring to the post office (before that from 7th to 9th I have to work as a part timer and come back home after the post office closes). I am now calculating the postage amount which is so expensive that I am afraid if I can keep my life until the debit become the cash on end of June.

I made four packages each contains some 20 to 40 titles and am exhausted completely. And there remains one more big package in the afternoon, sigh. So, drinking chai tea, I will start the work of the following from now.

Tomorrow I will join the other one and on Sunday one more. Then the schedule all consumed. The long run continues for the time being.
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the last day in Heisei

So the Japanese emperor retires today and the age of Heisei ends. From tomorrow the new age Reiwa starts. Currently the country which uses the name of an era is Japan only. I think it is not very bad to keep the custom and no reason to stop it. As far as the continuator exists it will be combined with him.

Except it it is an usual day as before and I will start the daily work from now with sipping a hot coffee.

Good bye Heisei and Reiwa welcome.
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a small event

I joined a small event today.

It is a novelty selling of a pro writer held by a publisher. The attendants are maybe only some hundred. They distribute the ticket featuring the lottery number which indicates the entering time (30 minutes only) from 12:00 to 14:30.

I was lucky. I could enter the hall at 12:30 (the second group) and could get all the items requested. One title is reserve order and I have to come to the hall one week after again with the novelties which are not free of charge and the stock is limited. I have to get there again. I am optimistic to get the novelties without any cause, hehehe.

So this is the first occasion which will be rushing from tomorrow to May 6 events. From tomorrow I already have three events offers and expecting two or three more.

During the time our country takes 10 days continuous holidays which we have never experiences before because of the abdication of the current
Ten'nou the emperor and accession of the new, the new gengou is already decided "REIWA". Now our country is only one which uses the gengou other than the Christian Era, Arabian and/or other era.
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M$ Access - can not create QUERY

Currently the system does not work normally, i.e. it can not create new queries of the M$ Access. When I click the new query design it shows the screen but at the point the job freezes and declines any input, click, ESC or other keys. I can only start the task mgr. and stop the Access job.

It can edit the existing query. No other troubles but it is critical that I can not create new queries.

I tried to repair the Access by the CD. It did not work.

I deleted the Access. Then started the regedit and searched the word "access" and deleted the entry M$ Office Access and it's sub entries. Then re-installed the Access. It did not work.

Now I have to re-install the Windows. It takes almost two nights so I plan to do it at this golden week 10 days holidays term.

I will purchase the new SSD which price is now drastically cheap. I consider which way to take, price or capacity. The cheap A-Data and expensive Trascend volume difference is almost twice. As my experience current 64GB volume is enough. But A-Data 120 GB prices only JPY 2,580. Unbelievable.

I have to decide but currently the depression prevents it. so it goes.
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Hanami (watching cherry blossom)

Yesterday I went to watch the cherry blossom with two of my friends.IMG_1057.JPGIt is a country-side, not very popular but known by the local people only. It took about 40 minutes from my home JR station to their station and about 20 minutes on foot.

It is a long way and middle of the road there is a small brook from the filtration so the water is quite clean and clear, though the they attention not to drink. Both sides feature a lot of cherry trees and maybe about less than half blossoms opened at that moment. But it was enough beautiful.

We walked along the brook, watching various flowers and some fishes, taking photo and talked the recent events each other. One is a quiet and the other likes to talk. I was talking with the later one mainly. Sometimes the former talked a short and strong word into our conversation.IMG_1077.JPG

At the end of the road there is a food plant which features a booth where we can enjoy the food they produce, one are fresh dishes and the others are box lunches. We ate a little shaomai and bought one shaomai box with 15 pieces in it. On the way back we opened the leisure sheet and sit on it. Opening the box and drunk a can of beer. It was a great experience. Some other parties opened the sheets too.

The weather was clouded but no rain, sometimes a slight sunlight came. It was some day yesterday.

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part timer / a strange meeting room at 7th floor

Currently I work in the meeting room at the 7th floor of the building. Usually I work at 2nd floor.

It is very strange that working at the meeting room I leak and blow frequently. At the 2nd floor I do not feel it at all.

I can not understand what is happening there. I have to work for more few days and I am not willing to do.
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Week ends depressive oversleep

Waking up on 10:30 am today, same as the last week. By the bye the last Monday was holiday and I woke up on 11:30. It is too late and I was unhappy because it consumed almost half a day, a precious holiday, I was sleeping and could not did anything.

On working days or any other days I go to bed before 22:00 and wake up at 6:30 which seems enough llong sleeping time but current depressive condition requires more time to sleep. And I can not do anything self-motivated in the morning, except the work jobs. So now I am at home and sitting, facing to the PC . I know I have to do the several works but can not start it but playing games only. At last I bored the game and can not do anything.

Maybe some hours later I hope I can do something but now it is not the time to work. sigh.
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web page download by VBA

I need some currency's exchange rate for the business purpose.

I wrote a program by Perl and accessed the bank page and download it, and after that Excel & ACCESS VBA checked the page and picked up the rate valeur of some currencies, USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUG and HKD, which my customers use in their ordinary life.

Recently the program returned the same valeur every time so I checked the download page. The contents showed "301 Moved Permanently". So I checked the page and found it was moved from the ordinary environment to the SSL protected area, which url was changed from "http" to "https".

Using Perl and access the SSL area I have to download additional module and change a log of codes. Now I forget Perl and not have a drive to lean it again.

So I checked if it was possible to access www by the VBA. The component "Microsoft HTML Object Library" could make it possible. The site I referred showed a simple sample codes and only 30 minutes I could get the bank page into the local file.

This week end I can enjoy the holidays for no event requests and I could develop the new program. It is something and am happy very much.
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no selection

About the lost vitamin package I discussed with the shop and they refund the amount. So I tried again to purchase the items. After fulling the cart I moved to payment screen where billing address country drop down which did not feature Japan. Unbelievable.

I contacted the shop and asked to put Japan into the drop down.
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lost mail order

Last month I placed order of the vitamin and some others. Because of the delivery addressee problem I asked one of my customer in the US to receive and pass me. He agreed it and I placed order with the addressee of him. But he did not receive it because the address was old one. He moved and my record did not show it.

Now I asked the shop if it is possible to refund and re-order them to the correct one..

The first day of the year starts with the back lack.
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image scanner facing to fault

Recently when scanning the book face it sounds an offensive or fricative.

The help desk rep. said put the equipment at the cool place where no direct sunshine. Unfortunately the working place does not alone to re-arrange the machines. And it must be left side of myself to treat the one smoothly.

He recommended to bring it to the service centre to check but this season it is only possible after the new month.

And from the new year 1st the machine must work fully.

I told him that I will work it until it goes out of order and if so I will purchase a new one. No other way.

So it goes.
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toto bag by good fortune

I mentioned the bag before that I lost it in the bus and it came back.

In fact I lot it three times and it came back three times.

The first time it was the bus affair.

The second time I left it at the Soba standing restaurant under the table rack. I noticed it about 30 minutes after and came back the shop and it was there just I left as it was.

And the third time I left it at the train going to the part time. The line moves quite a long distance. I noticed it just after passing the station gate and asked the representative how to find it. He replied all the lost items information sent to the lost-item-station so I could refer it after some hours and gave me the telephone number.

I called up there in the evening just before it closed. And I asked if they have the one. At last they told me they kept it at the terminal station of the other end from my station. If I go there I can get it, while I have to pay the train fee which is almost JPY 1,000 go and another 1,000 back.

But I could retrieve it with the cost.

Now I keep watching the bag and never leave it from my hand when I am out with it.
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wind up the affairs of the events joined last week end

Last week end I joined three events, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The one on Friday it was a small one and I could cope it within the day. But on Saturday and Sunday I bought more than 100 copies and 85 copies for each and I could not do it but just to report the quick result, which I could not sort the titles and purchasing lists.

So I started to do it from Thursday and it took two days each. Thursday and Friday for the last Saturday event and Saturday and Sunday for the last Sunday event.

Now I finished all the work and can have a small rest.

This month we do not have so many events and currently no plan to join until the month-end 3 days event only. I wonder how many requests coming to the event.
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nomijoshi #4

のみじょし 4 (バンブーコミックス) | 迂闊 |本 | 通販 | AmazonThe most favorite comic series of mine. The latest copy is issued at the last month. Of course I reserved order of the book when they announced it I could get it just after launching, and enjoyed the evening, eating meal. It is not very polite of course but could not wait for the end of it.

The theme of the title is how to drink booze with happy air. So various sake, beer, wine, whisky, etc with more various dishes. Three girls (29 years old), one married and two bachelor, sometime gathering, most of time independent, drink and eat with quite interesting episodes.

I can enjoy it repeatedly, day by day, week by week. I hope they do not finish the story and mark end of the title.
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mouse cleaning

It is Sunday and today I do not have any plan.

So I cleaned the items around me.

When I was playing a game, suddenly the mouse pointer did not move smoothly. I could not find the reason so I stopped to play it and cleaned some other items, waiting for the operant retrieving. But after 30 minutes it did not work well.

So I cleaned the bottom face of the mouse and mouse pad with the cleaning paper.

After that the mouse got the normal operation.

I might lost the 30 minutes. But while the time I could clean up some other equipments so it was not a full futility.

The weather forecast said it would be clouded but some area it would rain. One of it was my area and it rained from the late morning. I was happy I did not have any plan but could stay home.
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CDO - sending e-mail from the Windows environment

I am now very, very existed with the service I found a few days ago.

In fact it is a very old one from the age of the Windows 2000. I was a donkey who could not find it.

I have to make a lot of correspondences with the customers about various titles, confirming the order, reporting the result of the order, asking debit etc. I did it most of all manually and part of them with the spreading e-mail program.

In case of using the program I have to prepare the addressee list and variable items by the .csv file and indicate each items to the keyword of the program every time, manually. Even so it helped to decrease the working time very much.

But I have been wanting the program of sending the email directly from the Access VBA. At last I tried to find it and found it in a few minutes. Unbelievable. Until today I had made three programs which can send the message directly.

Now I am making a general use subroutine to send the mail and call from suitable programs with some parameters, e-mail address, nickname, message and attached files.

It must decrease the workload drastically. Now I am so happy to find the module.

God bless the M$.
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The new project (while a small one)

I am now trying to make a list of the events coming soon to those who are interested in.

To choose the data in the past I select the events those who made business in the past two years.

Then I will send the list to the customers to arouse to join the events and give me the requests.

I do not know if it works well or not but from the day before yesterday I started to make a small program.

Now I finish almost half of the all and expect to finish it by the tomorrow evening.

If it worked well I would be happy. And I hope the customers will be happy too.

I may report the following in the future but not sure. Now I am very easy to forget everything.
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3 events in a day

Yesterday I joined 3 events. The two were @ Big Sight and the last one was @ TRC. Each orders volume was not so much and I tried the first one opening at 10:30. I could get into the hall after 5 minutes and finished all the booths in 20 minutes (5 booths).

At that moment the other event had not open yet. I moved to the next hall and found just after 11:01 they already cleared general waiting people and I could enter the hall without waiting. This event I made a queue to purchase the stuff which was the first time in the day and the last time. I visited 14 booths, one the circle did not present, the other one the circle could not prepare the new title for the event so I could get stuffs at 12 booths.

My friend joined the event as the circle so at first we would take a coffee after closing but now I had to move to the TRC as soon as possible. So I went to his booth and talked a few words that sorry not to get a coffee today.

I went back to the JR line and changed the line to the monorail. I got the TRC @ 12:00. I went 5 booths and got all. I left the event at 12:30.

In total I 24 booths to go and got some results at 22 booths which rate must be something, especially considering the last event I had to move about 30 minutes by train. To be late, to be sold out increasing but I was lucky.

I went back home but at the last bus stop I had a trouble. The bus I wanted to get on seemed to leave the stop earlier than the schedule. I got there 4 or 5 minutes before the time-line but it did not come. At last I had to wait about 30 minutes to the next line.

But I was satisfied the results of the events on Sunday. I wonder if every time I could achieve such a high rate, which must not possible I know.
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week end holidays

This Sunday no events schedule which made me taking rest fully. In fact it means no money coming, but from the week of Aug. 5 (that is from Aug. 10 to 12), Aug. 19 and Aug. 26 I joined the events, all the week ends. Sept. 2 I did not join but I had to work from Aug. 30 to close the results of the events and sent most of them by Sept. 6th. So this week end is almost no work which seems quite happy.

I have not do the net-surf for several months. I visited the old sites one by one, consuming the time. One blogger is under the hazard by the last typhoon whose internet connection unable and updating the blog from the net-coffee shop nearby. I hope the line come back as soon as possible.

So today I will not do anything but just wasting time, what a gracious life it is.
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the new occupation

I started the new part time work from Aug. 20, on Monday to Wednesday, from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm.

The working is very simple and easy so I hope they do not make kiss-off after the test period.

The problem is on the way of go and back. It takes almost one hour and half which prevents my daily life strictly. I can not do almost anything about the primary work concerned to the doujinshi in those three days.

It may be better to look for the other one at nearer place but I can not decide it yet, because the working environment is quite good. Full air conditioning room and easy work which is so tempting. I am really involved what to do now.
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rainy day

It rains today, which is really after a long time. It is not so hot as yesterday, when the temperature recorded 35℃.

I was outside walking to certain company to take an interview. It was unbelievable that I was walking to the reverse direction from the station for 15 min. I checked the map again and again, and at last I noticed I missed.

I called up the rep. who I will to meet and apologized the late coming. He assured no worry and I got there about 20 min. late.

At the way back the bus advertising screen showed a horoscope and my sign showed to mind the error. So it goes.

Today I will join a public employment security office. They update the record on Monday evening so I can get more information coming new than the other day. I hope I can get a suitable occupation but in fact it is quite difficult. I know it from my experience in the past.
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I will take a job interview this afternoon. So now I strain very much. Anyway it will not work, I know in advance, because I have a lot of the afraid result in the past. How can I manage myself ... I have the faintest idea. Just playing the game and consuming the time to the promised hour.

The company wants those who joins the mail order general affair, which is almost same as the current occupation of mine. I think they are interested in it.

They sent an e-mail about some questions but they did not treat about it at all.

Time flies like an allow ... it is the false for me now.
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Package making

To post the one tomorrow I made a package today. I underestimated the volume of the items and the package was almost full.

I will receive the last item this evening. I wonder if I can include it into the last clearance or not because I do not know the size of the item yet. May it works.

To input the items it requires some technique. At the first time I could not put them all but two packages because of their size and shape, while the box still remained some space.

So I put out all the items and changed the angle. This time it worked and I could put all the items into the box and no space remained but the last item only.

I am waiting for the arrival of the item and crossing the fingers so that I can put it into the last place.
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anime collabo coffee shop

I will be there tomorrow to purchase some items. They require to reserve the seat in advance. So I did it and the prize was one coaster, A3 poster (random) and one drink.

I will be there on 11 a.m. and can stay 40 minutes. In the time I have to purchase some key holders with six variations but they sell them random so I have to purchase more than six. If I were too lucky I could save the budget minimum. Concurrently I have to get the coasters to order drinks, drinks and drinks. The coaster features 10 variation so I am not sure if I can get the most favorite one or not.

And I am afraid so many drinks I will have to consume. If they do not feature the sugar free one. It is terrible.

Anyway I will enjoy it only 40 minutes though.
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still in som ni a

I have been in som ni a for more than 30 years because of the depression. Now I take herbal medicine, bis in die and booze to sleep.

Last night I tried to do with the small bulb turning on, which helped to sleep well they said. But it was the worst.

I woke up every one hour from 23:30 to 3:30 am. After that I could not sleep and woke up at 4:30.

I think in my brain something is broken and I can not get along the normal life. So it goes.

The weather forecast said it would be rainy but this morning it was fine. I will start the new week, to forget a bad expression.
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the lost shoulder bag

Yesterday I left it at the bus. After some shopping at a super market, passed the register, then when I put the items into the bag I found I lost it. I was in panic. While having the alternative plastic bag, I asked the market rep. a bag and put the items.

Then I moved to the bus stop. There were some buses waiting for leaving. I got on board one bus and asked the driver what should I do if I lost a thing in the bus.

The driver asked me which kind of the thing I lost.

I replied the shoulder bag.

The driver asked me again which kind of shoulder bag it was.

I explained, color was gray, the size this big, then the drive pull out the bag from the back of his driving seat and asked if it was that.

Yes, it was. What a coincidence it was.

I was as if an audience that a magician put a rabbit from his hat.

I left home by the other line and in the bus they showed the horoscope and my constellation was 12th, the worst.

In fact, when I noticed that I lost the shoulder bag, I was so confused that I lost another item at the super market. I called up them from home and found it was at the service counter. I will visit there this evening.

Terrible day it was.
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ちか At The New Post Office

So that at last I can start the various process of the working at the new site.

Last Monday I post 12 packages which must be sent far earlier.

Of course I brought them to the new post office, where I went only a few times before.

It was also a small office which size matched the previous one I used to. Only two or three rep. treat the postage and almost same numbers carried the security and banking operation.

When I went to the office no other visitors so they could process all the packages but they made a mistake of charging one package as air in spite of the SAL. So they cancelled all the working and repeat the same operation again. It was funny. I think the machine can cancel only one transaction but the rep. did not know how to do it.

Coincidentally I took a holiday on Tuesday and brought two packages again.

This day the other rep. who was not at the office yesterday fixed them and said the appreciation for big volume of posting. In fact it cost some 60,000 yen or more. They asked me if such a big volume happened frequently so I denied it. It is very seldom, unfortunately.
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breaking a display

I use three displays: two 1920*1200 and one 1920*1080. When moving to the new site, I missed to attach the bigger displays to the holder. So I tried to replace them last night, half in the bag as usual night. It worked bad and I dropped the older, heavier one twice and it became not working.

It was so sad but as I was in soak so did not disappointed and placed the new display at that moment. The new one features 2560 * 1440 big display. It will reach in a day or two. I am looking forward it now.

I never broke the old one because I wanted the new one. If so I would broke the smallest one.
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Main Machine Temporary Wireless LAN Succeeded

The new site does not feature the internet connection environment and it take about a month to install it. While the time I can not stop the business so I purchased a wireless USB LAN adapter and installed it to the main machine.

It worked without any problem and showed enough speed. I think it would not necessary to install the wire cable but I am a conventional man and can not trust the wireless router perfect. In fact now I write this message through the wireless environment and do not feel any inconvenience but still there remains some suspicion.

Anyway, I will move the machine to the new site on Sunday. I hope I can cope it in a day.
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All events gone

I am on the way home from the last event of the Golden Week.

At last I joined seven evetns from 29th to today. Two days two events a day, one events 2 days long. One awful result (the largest budged lost), others were so so.

Today I lost the biggest game which was strongly requested. I went to the booth at first but there was already a long queue. After waiting 40 minutes, some 30 or 40 one ahead purchased the last stock. I regret I had to leave home earlier this morning. Maybe only thirty minutes divided the destiny. So it goes.

I will report the result to the customers at home.

After that, with a private affair which changes my life drastically, I have to suspend all the doujin works for a whole, then re-start it after several weeks at the new place. All customers understand it and now are waiting for the final report.
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events rushing

From yesterday to the day after tomorrow I will join the events everyday. May 3rd and 4th the Super Comic City, 5th COMITIA & Treasure FESTA and 6th REITAISAI. It is something more tough than the summer and winter 3 days event which number of the events are more, each events feature their each system. I have to leave home different time according to their opening time, to be lead to different waiting zone each days, which make me tired but it is my business.

Unfortunately I have a private affair which is very serious which prevents the after care of the events, to sort the titles, reporting the results and deliver. This time I have to first this matter than the doujin works so I have to ask the customers to wait for a few weeks to fix the game titles. It is some pressure fore me but no choice.

So it goes and no choice. I have to accept everything as it is. It is life.
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golden events week

It is the first day of the events week today. I joined one which I could achieve all the items requested. The total circles are about 40 and it is not very usual to achieve all. So now I am happy.

I met old friends who were taking the stuff doing of the event, where they said two friends passed in last a year. sigh. They were too young.

So it goes. Men must die faster or later. I might be killed by an accident in a minutes.

Anyway, tomorrow, on 30th, May 3rd & 4th, 5th and 6th I will join the events one by one. It is the beginning of the longest yard.
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Note PC with mobile router

I tried a shop WiFi on Saturday and was clear about how to connect the WWW. Now if I pay a cup of coffee @210 to @290 I can use the note PC with the internet.

On Sunday I received the free SIM chip from a provider which I made a contract to use it around @1,000 per month, with the starting price around @3.500. I set the chip to the mobile router but it did not work at first. I called up the provider help desk and they agreed the setting of the router was correct, but they got away from further imagination but to ask to the router maker. I did it several times with the previous SIM chip, which I cut the agreement just after the bum out help service. They said as far as they did not check the affirmation action of the router and their SIM they did not assure anything. I turned off the telephone and stopped the contract in a second. Then I looked for the other provider which supplied the free SIM and after confirming they did the affirmation between their SIM and the router I had and make the contract. They sent me the SIM by the parcel an two nights.

So I put off the chip and set the old router, failed again, removed it and set to the new one and tried the reset button. Then after turning on the router the note PC suddenly succeeded to connect to the WWW. Wow it is SOMETHING. Now I can connect the internet wherever I am if I have this router and it has enough battery power.

I had been announcing the next update would be **** to the blog when I knew I had been out and could not use the PC. Now I have the note and the router so I can update the page whenever I want. You can imagine how happy am I.
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repository editor to Windows home

It is first time for me to use the home version so I did not know it did not feature the repository editor. I had been looking for it for a few days and at last knew that it did not have the editor.

So I googled it and found easily install it to the home version.

Mainly I love the log in method with alt+ctrl+del, with the user id and password, which is very common and used to from the very early days with computers.

Maybe the M$ thinks the pc are mainly used by only one people so it is not necessary to input the user id to shorten the log in time and operation. But unfortunately I am an conventional and old man. I stick to the old way.

I read the other article to prevent the windows update from automatic mode to delay the install certain days by the policy editor too. Hum ... in fact the end of last year they made a critical bug into the print driver so that it made impossible to print anything by my printer. The printer maker featured the special page to redeem the trouble to uninstall the update modules with the modules id numbers, which was plural. In my case only one module corresponded but it made the fatal error. So I uninstalled the update module and retrieved the condition. It took some two or three months to recover the error.

Maybe it would be better to wait for some weeks or more to update the modules. While the time a lot of kind and innocent users report the bugs and if the M$ are so honest they would recover them.
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the new note PC

It works fine. I tried a tablet a few years ago. But I could not operate it ably without keyboard and mouse. I purchased them and as the result it was not a tablet anymore, still the capability was the tablet and not pc. I gave up and stopped to use it.

This time the weight of the note is only 900 g which matches the old tablet, a keyboard and mouse. I might use an old mouse but it would not mandatory.

The current problem is wifi connection. I missed the operation to find the wifi access point and ASUS help desk indicated the correct way yesterday. I will try it this lunch time if possible.

Anyway I will purchase the portable router chip which make possible to connect to the www at my mother's house. Then I can access here anytime when I want.

Again I understand myself as an old age who requires the keyboard to use the equipment. I can not tap the screen directly. So it goes.
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note pc

I purchased a note pc. ASUS E203NA. It features Windows 10 home and no other applications. I will use it for www access only, maybe.

I installed anti-virus program, modified some IME properties, copied the user dictionary which was all. Maybe it would be better to have some English-Japanese dictionaries to make this composition but not mandatory, because it is not necessary to do by the note but to do by this machine when I am at home.

Main upload stuff must be regular news streams.

I have not check if the place I will use it they support the WiFi, which will be clear this lunch time. If not I have to look for some place where I can access to the www nearby.

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a notification

This afternoon the last company called me up and asked to work at their site. Unbelievable. Of course I accepted the offer.

From April 5, I will be at office on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. In the future maybe on Wednesday too but not sure. In the case I can not update the blog about noon each days. I wonder if I will purchase a cheap note PC or not. It depends on the working place condition. For the time being I have to wait and see.
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I have a external hard disk box which can contain six disks in maximum. In fact it s only the simple box which does not feature any advanced characters, striping, or server function. Every hard disk requires one USB cable to the PC itself. I designed the box and asked the little factory to make the box. It took some 20K yen. Still much tough with 2mm aluminium. I put PC's power supply, two fans and 6 power cables from the power supply.

I buy external box and put out the terminal base and use it to connect the disk and PC. The box price is about 3K. No use the rest of them. Now it contains three disks. No further data necessary for the time being so the rest of them are empty.

Recently the system does not recognize the first disk when I turn on the power switch. The secon and the third disks no problem. I though the first disk must die. So I purchased one 4 TB disk. The biggest size in the past. Unfortunately the base did not fit the 4 TB size. It did not even start the motor when I connect the base and power, and turned on the switch. So I gave up to install it into the box but the PC itself.

While the time I removed the first disk which I considered to die. But just to test it if the power comes from the supply and confirmed it was ok, then I connected the power into the base and the disk started. The system recognized the disk. It was only a loose connection. So I gained 2 TB now.

Then I opened the PC itself and installed the 4 TB HDD. There remained one SATA port, and power supply too, enough space to accept the HDD itself. No problem to install and the system recognized it normally.

And after that when I thought which kind of data to be store there, I opened the explorer and found the data disk volume was only 250 GB and most of them had been consumed. I did not notice it at all so I was very lucky.

I moved about 150 GB data to the new one and now the old data disk has about 170 GB free space. No problem now.

So it was a kind of crowded day for me.
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shoulder bag

I used a shoulder bag when I was working at office for long time. It is a very tough bag except the belt hook, which rubs easily and I had to exchange it to the new parts regularly. It took about two or three weeks to do so I had two spare belts.

Anyway, after I resigned the occupation I changed the bag from shoulder type to west pouch, which could contain A4 size maximum.

Today I will go to an interview with the old days' working style so I can not use the west pouch.

But for a long time the previous shoulder bag has been lost in the room, which is really a mess. So the last interviews I used a toto bag instead.

This morning I tried to find the shoulder bag again and at last I found it from the bottom of an box which one big plastic bag fill of empty envelops. It reminds me an old days when I was working at the office, which was almost a nightmare, had to take much more medicine to keep my mind normal.

Everything passed and now I am much happier. Even the income is drastically less. Still I can get along with the current wedge and if I can succeed the interview it will be better.
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sunny day

It is the spring. I am happy I can enjoy this good season.

Unfortunately we did not have autumn last year. The winter came just after summer in a week. It was awful and terrible year last year.

I hope it will be a good year. I washed my cloth in the afternoon. Except the thick bath towel rest of them became dry enough with the sunshine and weak wind.

Tomorrow I have an appointment of an interview. May I succeed.
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boring days

No work, no wedge, nothing to do but just looking for the new occupation at the office once a week. Today I will go there and try. Every Monday they update the information so Tuesday we can get a lot of new offer.

Killing time by playing Mine Sweeper every day.

I can see that the suitable volume of work helps a lot to the life worth living.

I hope I can get the new occupation soon.
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spring storm

While the wind is not very strong, it seems better to say the sleet than the rain in the morning. And now, oh, it snows. It leaves on the ground, not melting. Usually we have little snow recently, which comes on February or March. I do not have a memory that it snowed last winter. IMG_0468.JPGCurrently the road keeps the surface but not sure it can maintain the condition.

From yesterday, checking the weather forecast, I decided I would not go out anywhere today. It works.
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an event yesterday

I joined an event @ Big Sight yesterday. Arriving at 8:30 which starts from 10:00. We made a queue in the East 7 hall where most of the floor was filled up by the people. In fact, before the opening it was full so the event holder moved the queue outside the hall into the event halls (from East 1 to East 6) passage and made a space to those who still come late.

After 20 minutes I could enter the event halls. It was a big event but my purpose was only a few (actually eight circles) so I could finish the circulation only seventeen minutes and got all the items I had to get.

But I could not leave the event. One customer asked to get the paper rally and try the lottery, which started from 12:30. I had to wait almost two hours. And the twice trial of the lottery left the last prize only. So it goes.

This time they did not open the arte/varie genre so I was a little disappointed. Last time I purchased a glass there, which featured beautiful scene with cats, flowers and butterflies.

I drink booze with a glass which tastes better before. Only the feeling but the mood is important, isn't it?
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the third interview appointment

Now I am looking for new part time occupation.

I got an interview on Sunday afternoon, which company did not screen candidates on the basis of the documents but interviewed every applicants. In fact I did not notice their working condition in precise and knew they work everyday conc. the week end and applied the monthly working schedule every month. So I hardly join this company if they offer. Because on Sunday and/or holidays I would have to join the events to purchase the stuff the customers request.

I got another one on Monday morning. The company sites far from the train station and had to take the bus (it was same as the Sunday one). And the company's working place was also in the warehouse without air condition, which must be hard especially in summer season.

This morning the third company called me up and we decided to make an interview tomorrow morning. This company seems working indoor so if they agree I can join it.

I am impressed that so many companies rush to make an interview to me. When I started to work as a part timer, two years ago, almost every companies declined my offer after documents screening. Only one company picked me up to the interview and I could get the new occupation.

I think because of 7 years not-working-period feared the companies to employ. After two years I was working on two companies which approved I could work continuously. So now I can get such a lot of offers, maybe. It is afraid to stop working in certain period. Anyway 7 years were too long. May tomorrow interview succeed.
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week end joyride at a yakitori boozer

With two old friends, I will do it at this week end.

The shop I went once a few weeks ago with the other friend and it was a good place, especially cheap price turned me on. So I asked this event and they agreed.

This kind of cheap yakitori boozer the "Tori-Kizoku" is the most famous. The last time my friend's friend, who I do not know insisted him to try the Tori-Kizoku than the one we visited. Because the Tori-Kizoku serves something different than the others. He asked the friend if he tried the others. He denied it. Without trying he still urged how the Tori-Kizoku served the delicious yakitori. So he asked one famous place the Tori-Miki at Kamoi, which the friend knew. He said it was not fair to compare such a high stage place and the Tori-Kizoku, the cheap price one. They do not share the same stage, he rebutted.

I think it is almost the religion and the friend must be the evangelist.

So we visited the Tori-Kizoku before going the one we planed to. But just after opening there was already a queue to get the empty seats. We just turned to the planned place, where we could easily get the seat.

Various baked chicken skewered, pig-out cabbage, many kind of dishes and booze with reasonable price. We enjoyed enough and left there after two hours.

I look forward Saturday evening from now.
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Happy New Year ... too late

The weather forecast says it will snow tomorrow. While the time I will be at the part timer working in the warehouse. I wonder if it is possible to get back home after the work.

My colleague says the bus is ok. But the train is weaker to the snow and easy to stop. As the alternative it is possible to move by the subway. But some places they appear to the open place from the tunnel where is dangerous.

I might report what happen after. IDK.
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paid server & free server

As I mentioned I declined a paid server recently, which continued since 1999.

Considering the advantage and disadvantage of the paid server and free server, paid server is more comfortable to use, no advertisements, maybe faster etc. On the other hand the data is not eternal. When I pass and stop to pay they will erase the data.

Free server will keep it until they stop the service, which will be longer, while I do not know how long. Who knows? But as far as the data lives some people will come to the page and read my messages left when I was arrive.

So I selected this server and I hope to visit the pages as many people as possible in the future, after I pass.
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decline of a server

Today I declined one server opened in 1999. Once it records more than 2,000 pv per week but nowadays only 3 to 5 pv per week. Because I do not maintain the page very much. No time to mange it, and I got tired to do it for long time ago. Paying some money every year and kept it but I decided to do a few weeks ago.

It is waste of time and money now and I have this page. I can update it when feeling inclined which is much more taking easy than to update regularly per week. Today I do not have any plan in the afternoon so I write this to jerk around.

So it comes the end of the year soon. At this moment, I deeply appreciate those who visit this page and read the non-sense sentences from time to time, because I do not know if I update it within this year again or not.
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