starting the doujinshi business

The post office gradually re-start to accept the packages to the foreign area. Accompanied with the delivery order is coming, while the number is quite limited.

I had sent three packages in the past on this month. This week two orders to deliver the current stock and I sent them yesterday. There remains some other stocks to be delivered but waiting for the customers requests. Maybe they are looking for the one which they want to add and I can only wait and see.

One package to Spain seems to be delayed delivery because they must be easily full of power to process for the rushing packages. I hope it reaches to the customer immediately.
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rainy season

Now Japan under the rainy season, while Okinawa area the weather forecast announced it closed at the last week. Other area we have a lot of rain about three or four weeks. Recently the rain falls stronger with more and more volume. It caused by the disappearance of the sunspot which makes the earth cooler and bringing the slight glacial. It happened several times from the 14th century to the 19th century. The term features a lot of rain and cold summer. They say the Thames river of England adfreezed in summer time and could play skate.

It is common that the earth is warmer and warmer by the carbonatate increasing. But the astronomic observance says the earth will be cooler.

I wonder which will win in near future. It will be clear in ten or twenty years.
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about two weeks distance - bike aftwerward

I rode the bike yesterday, two weeks after the last time.

Again I broke down it two times. The first time I could recover it by myself. But the last time, it happened at the garage of the home, where the ground was not the tarmac but the soil and slightly bank, and I could not recover it by myself. After struggling a few minutes the man from the house facing to my place came out to help me. We were the first time but he kindly recovered it almost by himself. I helped a little but mostly his effort worked.

After his coming back then the man from the next came to to drive his car. I told him that I purchased the one which was too heave for me.

I wonder if I can manage the machine or not now.
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the bike returned on Friday - again damaged the left mirror

I again brought down the bike in front of the bike garage and damaged the left mirror. The master of the garage said no more put it again for the time being and keep riding without the left mirror.

I brought back the back then and no more accidents at that day. I put the cover on it at the garage of the home and not rode it tomorrow.

Today I have some small equipments short and have to go out to the shops to purchase them. Now I can not decide to use the bike or not.
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I am fine - the bike not

So I could get back near home by the purchased bike yesterday. Unfortunately I prostrate it 4 times and lost the left mirror and crutch lever. I asked the road service to bring it to the near garage where they would repair it in a week. I am afraid to hear the fee. I came back home on foot but noticed the nearest bus stop said the next bus would come in a few minutes so I waited it there and came back home.

While the time of repair I have to repair my waist damaged to try to rise it, which was not possible alone and I asked the other person to help. It took two man power to do. If I knew it was so heavy I would choose the other model. Too late. So it goes.
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the bike coming - on Friday

The bike shop called me up and they were ready to consign the bike I purchased at the last month. It took almost three weeks to prepare, to get the M.O.T., to maintain the old parts and to refresh. Of course it is a used one, 23 years old one.

From today to Thursday I have to be at the part timer and they told me to stay at home by Wednesday. On 14th I will go to the office in three weeks. Then, on 15th, Friday, I will move to the shop to receive the one. I will come back home riding the bike. It is something interesting and astonishing.

I will upload the pic. when I come back, if possible. hehehe.

If you do not hear anything after Friday please consider I passed or general paralysis because of the bike accident. This is the life report.
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Stay at Home - Save Life

The gov. decided to long the end of the case until the end of the month, currently no further economic helping. They decided to allow JPY 100,000 to all those who live in Japan last month. Some other policy to redeem the business owners but not enough, they say.

In fact my city has not started to accept the request of the JPY 100,000 yet while some other cities and/or villages started to do it by their own fund and system from the beginning of this month. It is a big city and the population is large so my case it will take some weeks to start, I think.

There are many requests to add the other one month time hedge but for the time being no action from the gov. They may ask the citizen to endure the additional time with the first 100,000 only.

I wonder if they kid us. The social fund is some 70,000 or 80,000 per month, depending on each case. Comparing it the first benefit is too small. So it goes.
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office & ACCESS upgrade from 2010 to 2019

It took almost two hours but finally it finished.

Unfortunately from the version the default is 64 bit, which does not feature the compatibility of the VBA with the old 32 bit version. So I had to re-install the 32 bit version. I have a lot of old version program source and no zing to convert the codes to 64 bit. Maybe I will use the 32 bit version until the next one comes, or my passing.
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M$ Office 2010 -> 2019 download

Some 40,000 yen expense because they cease to support the Office 2010 suits by October in this year. Now I have some cash because of the new type corona virus related. The sales is almost dead but also no need to purchase the items which leaves some cash in hands.

So I purchased them today via online shop.

To download the stuff they required me to log-in to the M$ site. The e-mail address was already registered but I could not remember the pass word. They requested to input the name, birthday, rough address, alternative e-mail, old password if remember, if I purchased some stuff from them in the past etc. I filled in the fields and they replied to fail to identify me and requested further information. I put them again, and again and they said the re-try number reached to the limit so tried again after 24 hours.

If I create the new account with the different e-mail address it seems ok. So I will try again tomorrow and if I failed I will make the new account to download the stuff.

Their attitude is too monomaniacal. I can not get along with them very well.
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no schedule of the part timer - stay at home

They say I do not have to work at office this week. Last week I went to there on Monday and Wednesday only.

Still it is not decline to hire but considering as on the job at home. So I can not leave home from 9:30 to 16:00 when the working time.

But I think between 12:00 to 13:00 when the lunch time I can get out, while I do not confirm it to the hq.

Today I have one delivery to Canada so I will go to the post office at the time, 10 minutes on foot.
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increasing the medicine - alprazolam

I called up the doctor on Tuesday and he indicated to take alprazolam 0.8 mg with the current dalmate15 mg and quetiapine fumarate 100 mg.

I wake up around 3:00 am but can sleep again soon. And I wake up at 6:00 am and after that I can not sleep again. It is enough for me so I will discuss about it tomorrow with the doctor again. I have alprazolam only two more times volume. Maybe he will prescribe it newly.
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sleeping well - happiness

Fortunately I could sleep well last night.

Yesterday my condition was not very good whole the day. The coffee taste a little bad. I was afraid it was the infect of the new type corona virus. But at the dinner time my nose worked normally so I thought I was okay.

Now it is much better. Today the coffee tastes as usual. I am happy and am afraid if I can sleep well tonight too.

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can not sleep well

About a week I can not sleep very much in the night. Every night I wake up at 23:00 or 3:00 am and some nights it took one hour to felt asleep again, a few nights more than 2 or 3 hours and 2 nights I could not sleep until the morning.

It is very seldom and I can remember only once some 20 years ago or more. At that moment I could not get asleep very well for a long time.

I have to talk about it with the doctor on Friday but I am afraid if I can wait for the day or not.
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no business - no income

The mail order is almost dead. About one order per week and no sales in this month yet. I will get the first business on next Monday, I hope. Usually this month sales is not very good but this year it is horrible. I wonder if the customers come back when this new type corona virus pandemic closed.
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doujinshi events - postponed and/or cancellation one after another

I checked the sites and found most of the events on April postponed or cancelled. Some postponed to June, one to September and the others not settled the new schedule yet. Some cancelled themselves this time.

I updated the information and uploaded it to the www pages.

No work to do now. Happy or unhappy?
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twitter - modified the profile

I modified my profile a little. I can not remember the last modification. I left it for a long time. But recently I am really nothing to do so to consume the time I came back. Usually I just watch the time line but maybe once a week or two I will tweet something shortly.
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home WiFi - uncertain failure

Nowadays it is very popular to use home LAN with WiFi, not cable. Currently I use it between the MODEM/Router. Now I use one desktop, note, tablet and Kindle. Of course I use it only one at one time, while to purchase the Kindle books from the site. The download finishes in a second (I usually purchase non-fictions and seldom manga).

No problem to use it with the Note, Tablet and Kindle but sometimes the desktop. It stops suddenly and the system can detect the Router but can not connect the communication. In the case the portable MODEM which I use the note outside does not work. So I guess the USB LAN adapter has some trouble and purchased one. It reached me a few hours ago. I keep it for the time being and try when the disconnect happens again. If it recovers the trouble I will replace the equipment and dispose the old one. I wonder when the time comes.
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chocolate - cacao 95% continued

Yesterday I received it and tasted it.

It is not a chocolate anymore. No sweets at all but just bitter cacao itself.

The impression of the AMAZON mentioned it as a supplements or drugs and I agree it.

But I do like it. I took it more than ten tablets a day so it must be out of stock soon. I have to order it again, and again.

While the time I am at the part timer, it is easy to limit the number to carry them to the office. But I am not sure if I can endure to take it after coming back home or not.

The 95% is a kind of limitation. There are some Italian chips of 81% and 72% at the office. I ate most of them at the last week. Fortunately I did not go to the office at the week end but from tomorrow I will be there again and there still remains a few. I am sure I will take them on Monday.

One problem. It says to keep under 28℃. Nowadays it does not cause any problem but in summer I have to keep it in the refrigerator which does not have enough room. The box features some 25cm * 15cm * 10cm. Hmm ... oh, the freezing space might be helpful a little.
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fire HD8 tablet - added the SD card

Increasing the storage 128 GB. Most of the stuff moved to the card and new one to be to the card which keeps the free memory of the main storage. Mainly manga stuff but currently I have about 10 titles only. Maybe more in the future. Three series partly. When? IDK.
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chocolate - cacao 95%

Pushed @ AMAZON which will be delivered tomorrow.

I purchased the 75% yesterday which I tasted very good so I decided to try the 95%. This type does not increase the weight so it fits my favorite. They say cacao helps the health. I am looking for the delivery.
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Sunday - time on my hands

Nothing to do. In fact, there are many but today I pump down myself and no will to do something. It is happy that I could fix most of all the works on yesterday.

I checked the mails, very few, and updated the blogs. Other time I consumed with net surf, twitter, amazon time sale screen and so on, listening to the music turning down.

Now it is almost the time to prepare the meal. Looking back the day it was very quiet and happy for me. Sometime it must be necessary to do nothing.

Ops, I almost forget that I purchased the glass bowl with the cap. It is useful with the electric cooking range. I was looking for this kind of cooker for a long time and today I found it. They do not indicate the delivery date but it is not an urgent matter so I do not mind.
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the fourth display

I installed the fourth display to the system.

The new one is 32 inch model featuring 2560 * 1440 dots (WQHD). I have one WQHD display which is 27 inch. The other two featuring 1920 * 1200 dots (WUXGA) and 1920 * 1080 (Full HD).

I used three displays placed like the L letter. One display at the left top and two displays at the bottom. I displayed the MS ACCESS at the third display and had a trouble that I could not open the new query. When I try to create the new query only the ACCESS window freezes and I had to cease the task by the task manager.

When I re-installed the windows and other applications two weeks or more ago there was a slight change of the setting. When I tried to open the new query the pop-up windows appeared (only the bottom of the window) which indicates the table selection to create the new query.

The virtual display mode seems to recognize the square space even the luck of the part and the pop-up appeared the place where no display existed. So I moved the logical place setting of the first display from top of the second display to the third.

Then when I opened the new query the pop-up appeared the first display. Now the problem solved but there remained the mismatch of the display configuration and physical position which made quite difficult to move the mouse cursor from one display to the other.

So I decided to introduce the fourth display to solve the problem damned.

Now I can use the system more convenient and am happy. While the expense damages.
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event report - still quiet

I joined an event today. As I anticipated it was not very jamming. Of course the effect of the new corona virus outbreak. The authority makes a request for events to cancel if possible, or lesson the scale.

The queue to open the event was smaller than the usual. However this genre it is usual that not so long queue becomes. After opening the hall was crowded but not so hard as the usual. The circles which passed to join were more than usual.

Anyway I could finish the rounds smoothly. No queue to purchase for me but some others only. I could leave the event only 20 minutes after the opening.
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the last event - slack

I joined one event on last Sunday. It was more quiet than the ordinary events. Of course the Corona virus makes a serious damage.

In the morning the waiting people seemed one of third than the usual. While the time of purchase I could not notice but when I left the event hall I could watch around the hall from the upstairs, where the number of people was clearly fewer.

And tomorrow I will join the other one. If I could manage the time I will report. Unfortunately the event hall is different than the last week one and no chance to watch over the hall from the upstairs. But I hope to get some information.
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event --- two weeks back to back

At last two customers offered the event today. I visited some ten circles and lost two items. No so bad result. It was rainy but when raining I was in the event hall and when I finished and exit it did not rain anymore.

It started from 10:00, one hour earlier than usual which made me come back home earlier. I could manage enough time to process the results of the event. I fixed all the data and reported. One customer advised the method of transfer so I made a package. I will post it on Friday and report.

Now the day is almost over and I will leave the PC and start to prepare the meal. I hope the old fish and seaweed are not damaged in the freezer.
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event on next Sunday or not / booze (no relation)

A new customer proposed to join the event on next Sunday. I replied the message and she asked me to estimate how many titles she can get with the budget. It is too difficult to estimate it but with the memo I reported the figure. Now I am waiting if she decide to go or decline. According to the answer my schedule on Sunday settles.

If I will go, I want to purchase a bottle of wiskey on the way back home. I love the single molt, Talisker the best. The price is not extremely expensive and the taste is quite good. They say it explodes on the tongue. Yes, it is. Or wine, red, from France, Bordeaux, the full-body. It is usually cheaper than Talisker but consumed faster, maybe one time. It is some problem. I can taste Talisker standard bottle at least three times. Sometimes I really want to drink the booze hard. I do not know why. Once I keep Talisker left for almost half a year after opening the bottle and left some 10 or 20% which taste became dead. It is completely different than the ordinary blended brands.
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making sounds at Windows login and shutdown

Windows 10 does not feature the function and there are many method to achieve by the programming. One sample which I used at the old environment is to use the Powershell.

Creating the Powershell directory under the c:\. Save the file name PlaySystemSound.ps1. The command lines:
# コマンドライン引数を取得
$EventName = $Args[0]

# 想定外の引数が与えられた場合を考慮した対応
Switch ($EventName){
{$EventName = ".Default"}

# レジストリのパス名を生成
$RegPath = "HKCU:\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\.Default\" + $EventName + "\.Current"

# 指定されたレジストリの内容を取得する
$Sound = Get-ItemProperty -Path $RegPath -Name "(Default)"

# 上記で取得したレジストリ値から、必要なキーの値を取得する
$SoundPath = $Sound."(Default)"

# 確認用(別になくても動作に影響はない)
echo $SoundPath

# WAVサウンドを再生
$SoundPlayerObj = New-Object Media.SoundPlayer($SoundPath)
"Windows" key + "R" which starts the command line to execute. Type gpedit.msc and click OK.

click the computer -> Windows -> script (startup/shutdown)
double click Startup -> PowerShell script tab
click ADD
script name box --- c:\PowerShell\PlaySystemSound.ps1
parameter --- windowslogon
click OK
click OK

double click Shutdown -> PowerShell script tab
click ADD
script name box --- c:\powershell\playsystemsound.ps1
parameter --- SystemExit
click OK
click OK

close the local policy editor

"Windows" key + "R" -> regedit and click OK.

open computer/HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLables\SystemExit
click ExcludeFromCPL
Edit from the menu and select Modify
type 0 to the value box
click OK

open computer/HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLables\WindowsLogoff
click ExcludeFromCPL
Edit from the menu and select Modify
type 0 to the value box
click OK

open computer/HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLables\WindowsLogon
click ExcludeFromCPL
Edit from the menu and select Modify
type 0 to the value box
click OK

close the registry editor

From the Control Panel -> sound -> sound tab -> Program Events
click Terminate the Windows
put the sound file into the sound pulldown

click Windows Logon
put the sound file into the sound pulldown

terminated. I will check when I turn off the pc this evening or turn on the pc at the next morning. May the system work...


It did not work.

I checked and tried to solve it.

From the start-icon with right-click, select the Powershell execution with the administrative state
< Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned>EN<
< eixt

... still NG. When I execute the program from the DOS window it works.

Granted all users of the directory c:\powershell full control. NG.

Changed the default program of the extention ".ps1" from NotePad to Powershell. Still NG. It does work from the powershell ISE but not work from the batch file contains the command line, even it contains the program powershell.exe. The empty does windows appears a second and disappears without any sounds.

It is the long and winding road, or the wrong and wicked road?
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reinstall the windows

As I reported I replaced the graphics board to the new one on last Saturday.

When I turned on the system it claimed no system disk. What!? I tried several times, checked the system with BIOS screen. It recognizes the system installed SSD but still disobeyed to start the system. At last I abandoned all and decided to reinstall the Windows from the beginning. It took almost 5 hours or more just to install the system and update to the latest condition. I installed the anti-virus program and turned off the pc at 22:00.

On Sunday fortunately no schedule. I installed the applications and drivers: Office suits, ffftp, foobar, irlanview, thuhnderbird, sleipnir, fastcopy, ddwin, three printers', image scanner's and graphics board drivers by the evening. I made a small mistake to install one printer's driver and tried it several times and at last it worked.

Previously the MS ACCESS had a serious problem that it could not create the new query. Just modify the current queries only. But I confirmed now it worked well to create the new query.

It does not support the log-in and log-out sound. I checked the www pages and installed the special program to achieve it. I tried to install them according to the memo when I installed it but currently no result. Something must be lacked.

Some drive letters which I used before now unavailable and I have to change them from the used one. Some programs which features the drive name must be modified accordingly. The MS ACCESS I manage them by the glossary table but EXCEL I had to check and changed them at the VBA IDE screen.

As the next step I install the old graphics board to the backup machine and try to work. But I noticed it required the WiFi LAN adapter now. Before I used the 10-Base T cable but now I do not. Again the additional expense. Sigh. So it goes.
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replacing the graphics adapter -> re-install the Windows 10, the accident

Unbelievable accident.

I replaced the graphics board to the new one and turned on the system. The system claimed it could not find the bootable disk. It is completely unexpected matter.

Some efforts did not work and I decided to re-install the Windows 10 pro newly to the bootable SSD. At first it denied to do because the SSD was ready to boot so I deleted the disk partition completely and installed the programs.

Now it is on the way of Windows update. I already installed the anti-virus program. All the other works should be done within tomorrow. It will be some work but I have to finish. I leave the PC running and expect to finish the Windows update in the next morning.

I may report the result in the following but not sure at this moment. So it goes.

I update the blogs from the note PC. It features mailer and the Sleipnir only. I can not process any other actions required so it is why I have to finish the re-install process in tomorrow.

I could not foresee this result at all. What on Earth such a fair comes from...

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the new graphics board

I purchased SAPPHIRE SAP-RX5500XTPULSE8G. It supports four displays which was the most important function for I use three displays now. The current board is Radeon R9 200 2GB whgich is now a little old fashion. So it goes. I made the machine almost five years ago.

I also have the backup machine which features almost same structure but the graphics board which supports only one display. So when I have to replace the backup and make it work as a primary I have to change the graphics board.

Now I have a new one so I will replace the 3 display support board with this new one and install the old board to the backup machine.

It will be the work of tomorrow, maybe. The problem is no room for the backup machine. I have to consider where to put the one.
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I joined an event today.

It opened at 11:30. This event they replace all the comers with each 50 minutes. We can purchase the catalogue only through the mail order and it features the part from when I can join it. They made four parts and fortunately I was the first part. Each part contains about 300 participants but increases a little by little to the last part. So I could take action easier than the following parts people. The astrology today indicated my rank was sixth displayed at the bus in the morning. But I think I am the top today.

So I could achieve almost all the titles of the list.

The last time I could not do any. I wonder what will happen at the next chance.
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system failure

Recently I found a trouble newly executing the EXCEL VBA. The system had a trouble in making a new query in the ACCESS IDE so I am considering to re-install the windows system from the beginning. The system is four years old so it would be better to renew the hardware too but it takes a lot of money which I can not afford easily. At least the mother board, CPU, memory and the graphics board are required. I have a good chassis of two sets with the tough power unit, enough volume SSD and backup HDD so maybe it would be better to estimate the budget. Sigh.
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event result

no game today. The request was only two circles. One did not bring the latest title and the other did not join the event. So it goes.

I came back home, on the way receiving some titles at the shops and fixed the in-stock processing for more than one week accumulation.

I have been depressive for a week and I know it will continue after the middle of May. Usually it starts from March but this year the weather changes very quickly from January so it fasten the start of the depression. I drunk a bottle of wine on Friday evening and could not no anything on Saturday. At the Saturday night I slept enough and today I am back and could do most of the works to do which must be done. But I know I have to make effort more and more than usual to fix things at this season so I feel unhappy.
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Today I could finish the work early. I made 14 packages to send on Friday. It was some work.

Recently the registered mail to the US requires the special documents supplied by the post office www pages. I have to print out the addressee label, invoice and so on from the service and put the documents into the special pouch and stick it to the envelope and/or package. They say from now they will widen the service from the US to the other countries in the future. It is nice but in the case the dot impact printer to print out the addressee labels are out of order. It cost some price. So it goes.

Now no work to do so I will prepare the meal from now.

With eggplant, some dish, easy to make and hard to fail via the CookPad (https://cookpad.com/recipe/5953844) planning to this.
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after the fighting

The last event has passed. There remained some 400 items which I had to sort one by one. It finished on 5th and reported to all the customers the result. Most of them made a response to it and I sent 17 packages on last Friday. It is the first lot and I will do the second one on 17th. Currently 8 packages to be and may increase a little.

Today I am processing the shop orders which is not very much. I will finish it today and pack the requested on tomorrow.

On Monday evening the other event catalogue on sale at the shop. I have to process it at the time or it will be sold out like pan cakes. I could not join it for 2 years because I forget to get it. This year I have to achieve it.
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Happy New Year

For me no new year holiday. I have to sort the items got from the last event from today.

I wish you will enjoy the new year and the world will be happy and piece.

Best regards,
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bay-side war finished

It was a hard combat. I was alone on 30th and 31st when I rounded more than 100 circles. Of course almost half of them I could not achieve because of the long queue or sold out message. But so it goes and I am so sorry for the customers who made the requests.

Now the last day of the year is passing and from tomorrow I will make the report of the result and start to process the items I got at the last event.

I deeply appreciate whose who visit to this blog and read the messages. May you have a happy new year.

I will continue the update when I can manage the time in the future. Please wait with a little patience. Again thank you very much.
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busy day

Some 50 items I had to process. It matches almost one event result.

I can do it on Saturday only, or on Sunday or holidays. So the shop orders rushing this week and I had to cope them today. Now it is almost finished so I can manage the time to upload some stuff.

I purchased the speaker of the PC so now I can listen to the music while working. The recent favorite is classic and I have some requiems only. But it helps to work harder. It calms my heart and I can process the working smoothly.

This month-end the event is waiting and now I am receiving some orders. I hope it will increase more and more. Nobody knows the result. So it goes.
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the plier evangelion model

Currently my part time job requires to remove the staplers. I use the remover for the purpose but it cuts from time to time and leaves the thin wire inside the paper. In such case I use the plier to remove it. My father left me some equipments and I found one from them but it was not so useful because I think it was designed to treat the thicker wires so that when I close the mouth of the plier there still remains the space and could not catch the thin wire very well.

I looked for the new one and found the evangelion model.
It features the model one color. They also supplies the model zero (yellow) and model two (red) but I love the model one color. It seems a gadget. Please refer in precise:

I can enjoy myself just leaving it in front of me at the desktop.
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two events a day

I joined two events and now on the way back home at the train.

The first one is at the BigSight Aomi halls. I reached the hall some 10 minutes before the opening. They managed the queue quite good and I could get into the hall only 8 minutes. I rounded the circles and some 4 or 5 circles the seller left the seat and nobody there. One circle they did not join and the booth was empty. I knew they would be late by the twitter. So I left them and checked the list to come back later.

It took about 30 minutes and I moved to the next event which was held at the BigSight. One stop by the Rinkai line which cost @240. It is almost the twice of the JR fee.

At the event I visited only one booth. I worried if they sold out their goods but fortunately they had plenty of the stock which I wanted. I purchased them and left the event.

I moved to the previous event halls on hoot. It took about 20 minutes. If I can save @240 it is cheap and no problem.

Still one circle did not joined. I checked their twitter and they tweeted they would come to the hall about an hour after. I can not understand what they think. It is the manner to join the event from the opening. They announced in advance they would be late. Personally I do not want to be friends with such kind of people.

So I left the event hall not waiting for their coming.

A hot coffee which I will take when I come back home.
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terminator new fate

Amazing! What I was waiting for.

I went to the theatre yesterday with my friends. He got a quite good position ticket for us. We enjoyed two hours and a half which seemed a second. Still the story had a good tempo, action scenes and quiet one which makes us to be catch the breath.

Incredible that Linda Hamilton of 63 years old and Arnold Schwarzenegger of 62 years old did not seem their age but showed the most thrilling shots, of course using the stunts, but they used it quite good so that we can believe as if they act it by themselves.

I have no words to explain more so I stop it.

I was impressed most of the audiences kept their seats until the end roll finished. I felt they loved the films very much.
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the terminator - new fate

I will go to the theatre on Saturday with the friends who made a joyride on last Saturday. I am looking for it very much.

My most favorite actress : they are
- Linda HAMILTON (Terminator 2)
- Sigourney WEAVER (Alien 2)
- Sean YOUNG (Blade Runner)

My doctor asked me if I loved the fighting women. I replied I loved them to see on the screen but to decline to be a friend.

Maybe I love anime, which features many fighting girls who make my favorite to such tendency.
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As I mention it several times, I have been a long depression season and recently I have a feeling of entering a maniac episode day by day. My case it is clear that I spend money to which is not necessary at all. In fact from the last month the expense is increasing.

At this moment all of them are not the one which is not necessary but exchanging the electric oven which my mother broke in operation mistake, or some Kindle titles which I want to read, or carton boxes to delivery the merchandise, which are in fact necessary. The problem is increasing the purchasing lot. I ordered the cushion envelope of the B5 size 250e, which the shop can supply in the minimum one. But I will use them for at least several years. I also purchased the plastic bag to rap the books 500e. which I can use it until I close the shop in the future.

Today I bought three Kindle books and one heat proof glass plate with the cap. It will help the cooking not make the electric oven inside dirty but not absolutely necessary. I can clear it by the cloth with the abluent after the cooking every time.

I have to take care of unnecessary expense more and more.
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No work to do today.

The wastepaper called this morning so I put the newspaper bag, chip carton and a few fig carton. They left one toilet roll paper. I expected two but it was not fulfilled. So it goes.

Almost whole the day I spent the time to play the Mine Sweeper. It is one of my most favorite game to play by the PC. I feature to play without putting the flag, i.e. playing to use the right button of the mouse. For me it is now quite normal to play but I know it is not a very normal way. Because it is clear to play the daily challenge of the tap game. It forbids to use the flag, the mouse left button but for me it is too easy to clear for I always not use the left button. But the play standard must set those for using the left button so it seems quite difficult for the general players.

I can remember the time when I challenged it, not to use the left button very clear. It was some kind of dizzy experience to play. But I used it very easy and now it is normal for me.

The Mine Sweeper is a classic game now a days but I never give up it.
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AMAZON Kindle special sale

now they passes the 文春新書 50% points. I purchased 5 titles today. Maybe more. I can hardly read the novels so i/o I read the 新書 usually. I bought Kindle last November so it is the first anniversary of the Kindle. While the time I download 57 titles. Almost one title per week. Hmm. My model can carry about 200 titles if they do not include comics. Now some 10 titles are the comics so it must squeeze the free area.

I do not like to store the stuff at cloud because I can not read them outside. It is technically possible to download anywhere but in the case I have to use the carrier of the mobile which traffic is limited. Of course the home carrier the traffic is out of the limit. So I want to keep all the stuff at the local terminal.

Maybe some stuff can be contained into the Fire 8 tablet. But it helps quite little.

So until I leave home to the evening drinking I will visit Amazon again and look for interesting titles if any.
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joyride on Saturday

Suddenly I am free for a few weeks from the private affair and I proposed to make a party in the week end, not a Halloween but just drinking.

Last time it was on August and I was drunkard completely. This time I have to take care but I know it is completely impossible.
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event : yesterday

I joined an event yesterday.

It was music items event. I like it very much for it is not very crowded, the pass is enough wide and very few circles make queue.

I arrived at the hall about 30 minutes before the opening. There was about 800 people waiting for the opening but it was half of the total because they held the event at two halls side by side. One hall features two floors and the other one is one floor, wider than the other halls total area.

I usual start from the second floor of the narrow hall, sequentially visiting the circles and move to the first floor.

After that I move to the wide hall. This time they changed the coming in route. We moved to the back of the hall, walked up the slope to the event floor, and joined the event from the back door of the hall.

Usually I meet two friends who are the stuff of the event but this time I could not find them. I do not know the reason why they did not reside the usual place. Maybe they moved to the different area, or simply declined the stuff. A little sad.

The result was not very bad. More than 80% I could get the titles. So generally it was a good day yesterday.

After coming back home I fixed all the procedures to be done. Scanning the face of the CD, checked the CD with the visiting list, making the list by customers and report the result with the postage estimation. All the customers replied soon with the method of transport. So I packed them to send on Friday, Nov. 1 when I did not work the part timer and could carry them to the post office before they closed.

It was some work and exhausted. But still I am happy to join that event. It will come again next spring. I look forward it from now.
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AZUMA Hideo passed


One of my favorite comic artist passed (by esophageal cancer) on 13th.

I have joined an event as my circle with his side by side. He gave me his doujinshi and declined to receive mine because it was heavy (in fact very thin one it was). I remember it, dusting them off for a long time.
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Missed delivery

Not mine but my receipt item.

Today I opened some 10 or more packages arriving from last Sunday. I found one title which did not a record of order. I checked the data in the past but could not find any relational correspondences. At last I checked my BOOTH (https://booth.pm) record. I can check the order history there. I knew the title was sent from there. I found one title sent already but not received yet. I visit the title's circle page and found they treated both titles, I ordered and I received.

I sent them a message that they missed the delivery item so send the correct title, and that I decided to accept the missed title too (for my personal purpose). They can lesson the workload to receive the missed title.

Now I am waiting for the reply from them.続きを読む
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the pc speaker

I used the one attached to the display for more one year, which sound should be quite poor. But I was not interested in sounds very much so I left the condition.

Recently the interest to the sounds raised again and I checked the www pages. I had a stereo audio set with 8 inch speakers but the pri-main amplifier of more than 30 years old died last year. After that my life became without sounds, just a few months later I purchased a new display which featured a poor speaker. I have been getting along with it but now I want a better one.

The budget is so limited that I can not afford the amplifier again. So I checked the active speakers which does not need the amplifier. About 20K or 30K budget there were some items. From that I picked JBL BAR2.0 All-in-One Sound BAR black. It features under the display and connects with HDMI, digital or analog cable. The item intended to connect with the TV and the PC was not the primary target and it bundled the HDMI cable only. I had to purchase the digital cable separately.

After connected and the system reports the connection succeeded but no sounds coming from the speaker. No operation manuals attached so I checked it at the www pages. No hits but the same company's other model, which indicated one button to change the input source. That's it. When I tried it the sound came.

Now my pc life is much better. Just before going to bed I spend a few minutes with the music which makes my sleep much better. I am happy to purchase it.

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